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- Free shipping in Europe (see conditions) & complimentary samples with your perfume order -

- Free shipping in Europe (see conditions) & complimentary samples with your perfume order -

- Free shipping in Europe (see conditions) & complimentary samples with your perfume order -

Paris boutique

Vilhelm Parfumerie opens its first boutique in Paris

Vilhelm Parfumerie announces the opening of its first boutique, in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle, at 58 rue Pierre Charron, in the 8th arrondissement. This new venue showcases all of the brand’s olfactory creations in a dazzling setting that recalls a modern jeweller.

"This is the first time that we can fully immerse ourselves in the timeless universe of Vilhelm Parfumerie. It’s a tribute to Art Deco, but with a contemporary twist."
Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren

Vilhelm Parfumerie

More than a fragrance brand, Vilhelm Parfumerie reveals itself as an olfactory anthology. Perfumes as addictive as Morning Chess and Dear Polly, Room Service and Black Citrus, emerge from Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren's imagination to delicately envelop the skin and provoke an emotion. Designed by Pierre Dinan, the iconic bottles, all strictly identical and inspired by Art Deco lines, are adorned with a saffron yellow label.
The creator

Creator and founder Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren explores every facet of a certain idea of ​​luxury, from photography studios to perfumer’s organs and leather workshops. He likes breaking rules to write his own story. He's a modern Gatsby who likes to do things with elegance, kindness and goodwill.
The boutique

The first Vilhelm Parfumerie boutique is quintessentially like its creator: elegant and timeless. The boutique opens its doors in June 2021 at 58 rue Pierre Charron in Paris’s 8th arrondissement. The district, also known as Paris’s Golden Triangle, is undergoing a true resurgence with the arrival of new, young, and contemporary brands.

Behind a sober facade, the Vilhelm Parfumerie universe unfolds in an elegant and modern setting designed by Jan Vilhelm Ahlgren and French architect Brieuc Larsonneur. The boutique embodies all the elements that make the Vilhelm Parfumerie atmosphere so unique: a subtle balance of Art Deco and Bauhaus lines, reinvented through futuristic and luxurious materials.

Wall panels wrapped in saffron yellow vegan leather - the brand's signature warm colour - stand out against the coldness of anodized aluminium niches. The brushed stainless steel floor, laid out like an old-fashioned Versailles parquet, contrasts with the thick silky carpet woven by Pinton in their Aubusson factory. The distinctly 1920s-inspired display cabinets, manufactured in Paris by Ateliers Artigo, with chrome pointed legs and Carrara marble top underline the delicacy of the fragrances.
Invoking the atmosphere of a contemporary jewellery shop, an imposing chandelier brings a final touch of sparkle to the space. The impressive light installation, weighing nearly a ton, is composed of 756 salvaged perfume bottles skilfully hung from the ceiling and emanates a soft glow. A masterpiece of strength and weightlessness.
And finally, a VIP area will open, in the basement, at the end of the year to revel in the true Vilhelm experience. Inspired by the 70s, the design perfectly incorporates all the brand's iconic codes. The private space furnished with bespoke finishings - a sofa and chairs, bookcases, and a bar - will be the ideal place to sip a martini while soaking up the scents and vapours of perfume.
Brieuc Larsonneur, architect and set designer
Rebecca Grinda, designer
Pinton, tapestry and carpet designers in Aubusson since 1867
Ateliers Artigo Paris, furniture designers and decorators
boutique charron 
Vilhelm Parfumerie
58 rue Pierre Charron, Paris 8e
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Monday to Saturday: 11:00am - 7:00pm