Our Story

As an art studioVilhelm Parfumerie is a collection of very special creations. With our perfumes, we explore all the powers of arts to craft unexpected experiences and embark you on a fabulous journey.

Vilhelm Parfumery is a creative bond between past and present, 
between imagination and reality,
between glamour and elegance,
between glory and feelings,
between vintage and unprecedented,
between New York and Paris.

Inspired by arts in all forms, our creations redefine the boundaries of perfumes with a journey through time and space. Each scent recreates a moment in which you can dive in. All our creations stand for bold emotions through deep sensations. 

We master the sense of surprise.
We handle the art of contrast.
We love the suspended moments of joy.

Within identical bottles, fragrances are so many narratives that call to all senses, housed in a hefty bottle of spun glass, designed by Pierre Dinand, dressed in a saffron yellow label that nods to a piece of Bakelite found in a Parisian flea market.

Each fragrance is the culmination of a broad, creative and collaborative process between artists, esthetes and perfumers – a rare blend of vintage and new that sparks recognition but not familiarity.

Parisian Boutique

We have opened our first boutique in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle, on 58 rue Pierre Charron, in the 8th arrondissement. This new venue showcases all of the brand’s olfactory creations in a dazzling setting that recalls a modern jeweller.

The boutique opened its doors in June 2021 in a district undergoing a true resurgence with the arrival of new, young, and contemporary brands.

Behind a sober facade, our universe unfolds in an elegant and modern setting. The boutique embodies all the elements to make a unique atmosphere: a subtle balance of Art Deco and Bauhaus lines, reinvented through futuristic and luxurious materials.


Made in France

Despite our Swedish name and New York roots, our fragrances are created in Paris, France along with renowned French perfumers Jérôme Épinette, Bertrand Duchaufour & Marc-Antoine Corticchiato.

Each of our perfumers is affiliated to a specific fragrance manufacturer who controls the raw ingredients' sourcing, harvesting, extracting and transforming phases until the final concentrate is ready.

Both Technicoflor and Robertet, two of the fragrance manufacturers we collaborate with, have their roots in Grasse.


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