Despite our Swedish name and New York roots, our fragrances are created in Paris, France along with renowned French perfumers Jérôme Épinette, Bertrand Duchaufour & Marc-Antoine Corticchiato.

Each of our perfumers is affiliated to a specific fragrance manufacturer who controls the raw ingredients' sourcing, harvesting, extracting and transforming phases until the final concentrate is ready.

Both Technicoflor and Robertet, two of the fragrance manufacturers we collaborate with, have their roots in Grasse. This small city in the South of France is considered the world's perfume capital having a prospering industry in this sector since the 18th century. The two companies' headquarters are still located in the South of France.

Once the concentrate is ready, it is sent out to a second factory in the center of France where the maceration process - mixing the oil concentrate with alcohol - takes place. It usually lasts arount three weeks.

Then it is time for the bottling phase when we assemble all the components of your perfume: the "juice" (fragrance oil + alcool), the glass bottle, the pump, the cap, the sticker and the external packaging.

Et voilà! The final products are ready to be shipped to our warehouse in Normandy, then to our shops & distributors, until they reach their final destination: your home :)


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